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2017 - Build and Rebuild

While going through my 2016 travel photos I came across this image of a village in Laos.

Every year during their wet season, the water in this small village rises and damages most of its structures adjoining the river. But without giving power to this situation, the villagers get straight into reconstructing their community.

This particular tradition has paved way for tourism and the money generated from this goes back to the community to support the reconstruction for the following year. In other words this picture reminded me of how a bad situation has created the opportunity for this community to flourish.

2016 for me wasn't a good year and though I'm glad this year is coming to an end, it has also given me the opportunity to rebuild myself. It's given me a new beginning, a different perspective on how I approach things and most definitely a better way to listen and communicate.

With the tools that 2016 has given me I look forward to seeing what I'll be building and rebuilding in 2017. .

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