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Collaborations are a big part of growing. As you learn to specialise in your skills it is important to collaborate with people with similar mind set, goals and visions.

The Handmade Leaf

In late 2020 Uma collaborated with Shaminie Chandrahasan, the owner of Little Brown Book Events. The pair have now worked on multiple projects to create beautiful products using both their skills and experiences. They work under the name 'The Handmade Leaf'. The core purpose of the collaboration is to create products which excite people and to have their culture be represented in the mainstream. 

Roopa Pemmaraju

Collaborated with the Luxury Womenswear Fashion Designer Roopa Pemmaraju by creating textile illustrations for their Fall Winter 2017 Eden Collection and Resort 2018 Collection. Resort Collection was showcased at 2018 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. 

Zarlasht Sarwari

Through the multilingual bookshop/cafe Lost in Books, Uma had the opportunity to collaborate with writer Zarlasht Sarwari. The collaboration was to develop an illustrated children’s story, drawing inspiration from Zarlasht‘s Afghan storytelling traditions. Book is yet to be published

La Polo International

Collaboration with La Polo to create illustrations for their First edition Luxury Coffee table magazine in 2017. The illustrations were based on the Maharaja Ranjit Singh life and achievements. 

Harpreet M Dayal

2016 book cover illustration for 'Svādhyāya- A Journey of Self Learning' a collection of poems by Arthur and Poet Harpreet M Dayal. The illustration is of a Juniper tree which represents purification and protection. 

Ku-Ring-Gai Council

Made of Steel and Timber the Sculptural Microbat Habitat was designed by Uma while at Ku-Ring-Gai Council for her work experience as a Macquarie University Student. Commissioned at Sir Phillip Game Reserve in Lindfield the sculpture was completed in July 2013 with modifications to the original design. It provides a destination for people walking along the boardwalk and is also designed to encourage microbats to roost.